Esther Greenleaf Mürer, Breaking Boundaries

In an interview with Walter Ancarrow on Kin Poetry Journal, Esther Greenleaf Mürer (love that middle name!) answers questions about how she began to get really serious about writing poetry at age 75, among other things. All ye who think there are insurmountable barriers and not much to be done when one gets old, take note! This is a poet to watch! Up-and-coming, and endlessly imaginative. She exemplifies the eternal youth and creativity of the human mind.

She discusses the strong element of wordplay and humor in her work:

It’s the comic muse that enables me to let go, take risks.

Poets she mentions as inspiration are e.e. cummings, John Ashbery, and Ogden Nash. Her poem, delightfully titled “Oxydoxes and Paramorons,” starts with lines from John Ashbery and answers them in the style of Ogden Nash. The result is a fabulously imaginative piece you can find on Kin Poetry, here.

She has written many ghazals and also written her own hybrid forms, such as “Chain Ghazal: Chickens” published in The Guardian.

Check out other links to her poems at Kin. Her unique and delightful approach to the craft of poetry is inspiring, as is the fact that she decided to do this so late in life.


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