Unsplendid Women & Form Issue with Two of My Poems!


The long-awaited, spectacular double issue of Unsplendid, a very sophisticated site for and about poetry written in form (traditional or invented), with the theme of Women and Form, is now online! And it includes two of my poems, written in a form I invented, a form I call “strangled alphabet” because one can only use the letters that are in the title to create the entire poem (plus the letters’ frequency in any one word can’t exceed their frequency in the title).

It sounds more like an acrostic or puzzle perhaps than a form, but it really does provide constraints, something poetic forms do, which can produce very striking sonic results, and can also take the poet out of their normal creative pathways into something more surprising. Which is what I need. It requires, of course, some work in deciding on a title that won’t be too restrictive, and more preparatory work prior to the actual composition than other forms, but… For an obsessive person, it just may balance puzzle-solving obsessiveness (am I guilty?) with creativity…

The quality of poetry in this issue is staggering! All the authors are women, and several essays on the subject of women and form are also included. The editors’ sixth sense of what engages and fascinates a reader pays off. You can scroll down and savor the poems one by one, or skip around through the amazing titles. I’ve always wanted to be in Unsplendid, perhaps one of my all-time favorite poetry venues, so this is cloud nine (or more accurately, cloud seventeen) for me. My first-ever foray into reading my own poem as an audio clip also appears here. I decided to push myself out of my own box.

And so here it is, poetry that comes entirely out of the box, yet delightfully contained in some of the most inventive uses of form I’ve seen. Enjoy!



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2 responses to “Unsplendid Women & Form Issue with Two of My Poems!

  1. I love this concept. Requires me to do a little math, however…


    • Thanks for checking this out! This form, I’ve now been told, is actually called a lipogram, but the editor graciously said I could say I invented it. I hadn’t heard of it before doing it, and maybe my rules are a little unique, more restrictive. This reveals my nerdy, obsessive, puzzle-addict side.

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