Gjertrud Schnackenberg: Two Readings

Gjertrud Schnackenberg’s Heavenly Questions, a masterpiece from an exceptional poet, has received rave reviews. But there is, as far as I could find, only one video if her reading an excerpt from it, which is on the Website of the Griffin Prize, which the book won. I’m including it here, even though it has an introduction to the author prefacing her reading. You can see she becomes quite emotional during the reading, even though what she speaks about is not apparently personal, showing how deeply emblematic this poem really is, and how its imagery is grounded in something human and heartfelt, yet expressed in the grandest and seemingly philosophical imagery. The whole poem is an overwhelming experience, but I do wish she would record more excerpts from it, such as “Sublimaze,” which Harper’s magazine published just before the book came out. Also, you might check out this interesting review of the book and the reviewer’s take on Schnackenberg and her significance as a poet.


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