Two Very Different Poems Published Today!!!

Two fabulous and very different online venues have gone live today, the first working day of June, both with poems from me: Möbius, The Journal of Social Change, and The Rotary Dial (enter password “ektoplazm)–(see? It pays to read this blog!), which publishes “formal poetry” (meaning in this case poetry that usually involves meter or rhyme or a strong sense thereof).

Both links will lead you to the contents page, from which you can use the links (Möbius) or scroll to the page containing a poem by Siham Karami. The Rotary Dial also downloads as a PDF, if so desired. It’s also a fantastic journal full of top-notch poetry from both established geniuses in whose August company I now bask, and relative newcomers, one of whom wrote a totally enjoyable poem about…basking. There’s a tear-jerking love poem, and my tears do not easily jerk, and a villanelle (and who doesn’t love a well-turned villanelle? Not an easy thing!) about the incident in Ohio where a man kidnapped 3 young women and kept them locked up for 10 years before one bravely escaped his unimaginable torture chamber. My poem therein is entitled “Branching,” and has many branches.

Möbius is also a fine and fascinating journal and, I might add, very hard to get into, so these are all exceptional poems and stories on the theme of social change. My poem, “Somalia,” offers a view of that country after the war when Al-Shabab, a terrorist group, took over much of the ruins. I hear now the country is emerging finally from that horrific period. The journal also publishes fiction and essays, well-worth your time.

Am I excited or what??? The Comstock Review, a top tier literary magazine in print, is also coming out some time in June with a poem of mine, “Lawnmowing in America,” written using only the letters in the title——not an easy form to write in. They publish all types of poetry, and only publish the best. So getting into that magazine means no less than Cloud Nine, known to be both stratus and cumulus simultaneously. I’d recommend subscribing, which you can do here.



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2 responses to “Two Very Different Poems Published Today!!!

  1. Matt Quinn

    Hey Siham, nice blog! I’m glad you enjoyed the basking poem. That villanelle reminded me of a poem by Helen Dunmore called “He lived next door all his life” which was disturbing enough to lodge itself into my brain permanently. Do you know it? I can’t find it anywhere on the web to link to to show you.

    I have it in “Penguin Modern Poets #12” from 1997, also featuring Jo Shapcott and Matthew Sweeney, a great trio of poets to find collected in one book. If you don’t already have their stuff, I’d recommend this book; you can pick it up second-hand for less than dollar on Amazon. (Confusingly Penguin published several Modern Poets series over the years, each time with different poets, so watch out, there’s more than one #12!).

    best, Matt


    • Thanks, Matt! And thanks for mentioning that book, which I’ll buy now, while I still have Amazon prime. We’ll never run out of fine poets to discover, it seems. Glad you liked my blog!


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