Two Poems in The Centrifugal Eye Anniversary Issue

The tenth Anniversary, and for now also the final, issue of The Centrifugal Eye is live with two of my poems. Themed “A Celebration of Poets,” all poems are written in the manner of or in tribute to other poets. Mine are in the manner of William Shakespeare (sonnet: “Double Helix”) and Agha Shahid Ali (ghazal: “East-West Highway”). It’s a beautifully done journal available online at the website, or in PDF or print. A huge thanks to Eve Hanninen and the TCE staff for a spectacular issue!


2 thoughts on “Two Poems in The Centrifugal Eye Anniversary Issue

  1. Love these poems, Siham, and I also love this blog! Somehow I have not known about the blog until today, but I am so glad to have found it. Thank you for keeping it up.–Jeff Holt, Associate Editor of “The Orchards Poetry Review”


    • Thanks, Jeff! I’m so happy to hear that from you. Also, I’ve enjoyed reading Orchards very much, and thought I sent something to it, but discovered yesterday it somehow hadn’t been sent. (My dinosaur iPhone stomping on the net again.) All the best to you,


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