Siham Karami Poetry Links

Off the Coast

The Year of the Dragon


Orchards Poetry Feature  June 2017

Scroll down for featured poems and interview in Orchards above

Right Hand Pointing:
New Hampshire

The Hypertexts

New in Mezzo Cammin

Alabama Literary Review:

From the Blue Minaret:
“The Sounding Heart”

Poems in String Poet Spring 2014 “Distanced” (a sonnet), “Over Puget Sound,” “Touching Down in Paris,” and “Tempering” (a villanelle)

The Ghazal Page: “The Superiority of Mud”, “Don’t Weed Your Wife”

Angle Poetry: Issue 3 pp. 97-8 (“Recalcitrant,” “The Chemistry Lesson,” and more), Issue 4, p.65 (“The Scrimshaw Man”) and Issue 5 p. 78 (“My Heart is an Extremity” and “Sunset Canyon”)

Gently Still Finding You Between

Poems in Unsplendid in an invented form “Good Housekeeping” and “By the Dawn’s Early Light”

Literary Mama: “Happy Mother’s Day”

Poems in Loch Raven Review

Poems in Wordgathering

Labor Day

In Egypt

The Tipping Point

Gardening Backwards

The Body’s Hospitality (scroll down for poem)

Poems in Mezzo Cammin “My Lowered Eyes” (a rondeau), “Aubade”, and “From Threads of Dust” (a rondeau)

Who I Am

Poems in String Poet Winter 2012 “Rain Trance” (Laureates’ Choice winner in Maria W. Faust sonnet contest) and “Nautilus” (a sonnet)

Letter to Asma Al-Assad

Notes from the Isle of Langerhans

Sonnets in 14 by 14

2 thoughts on “Siham Karami Poetry Links

  1. Dear Siham Karami, I found your work on Mezzo Cammin and became an admirer. I envy your gift, (so different from my narrative own,) of troweling a moment from the mass of experience to shine. I’ll be back, and will send friends.


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