My Poem Published in Literary Mama

My poem “Happy Mother’s Day”, which is in an invented form that utilizes only the letters in the title (full description of form is on poem’s page), has been published on the wonderful mother-centric site Literary Mama. Please check it out! (And the other fine poems, essays, articles, and stories on the site.) Pictured: flowers from my Mother’s Day bouquet.


Poem Published in Comstock Review!!!


A poem of mine has been published in the illustrious Comstock Review!! It is a print journal, which you can subscribe to here, with truly excellent poetry. My poem, “Lawnmowing in America,” is written using only the letters in the title, with the additional limitation of not using any letter in a single word more times than it is used in the title, an oulipo-type poem with my own additional restrictions, which I call “strangled alphabet.” The latter description is not mentioned, however, in the magazine, meaning the poem stands on its own merit, not as a mere exercise in linguistic finesse. Sometimes I need restrictions to get my mind to emerge from its box.

New Poem in Right Hand Pointing!!!

The new issue of Right Hand Pointing, the place to go for unique short poetry online, is up with a new poem of mine, “New Hampshire.” It was written for their submissions call for poems whose title is the name of a U.S. state, but although that issue was filled up, it was still published in the following, now current, issue.

The poem is in what I sometimes call my “strangled alphabet” form, in which only the letters in the title can be used in the poem, no letter used in a single word more times than it is used in the title. This is a variation on a lipogram, made more difficult with the frequency limitation.

Despite these limitations, the form sometimes forces me to come up with more imaginative wordplay. This poem was much fun to write! Hope you’ll stop by and read it.