Photography by Siham

Becca Books

Constant-Never Blog

Elsewhere: A Travel Blog

Rose Kelleher’s Blog


A Loom in the Dark

Peacock Journal

Rocket Kids

Catherine Chandler’s Blog

Wendy Videlock’s blog

The Lavender Review

Angle Poetry Journal

Kin Poetry Journal

String Poet

Reginald Shepherd’s Blog (deceased)

The Palace at 2 am




3 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hello, this will be an invitation because I’ve visited your site so frequently, with such pleasure, and even, I confess, with such benefit as I come out of hibernation so that the poetry reviews who have published you have been those to which I’ve started submitting my own shorter piece. Would you visit my new website,
    Maybe you’ll even consider exchanging links.
    Kind regards,
    Becca Menon


  2. Would you be interested in taking part in a series of interviews with poets, flash fiction writers and spoken word artists that I will put on my WordPress, Twitter and Facebook accounts? It can take the form of either
    1) a list of questions by email you can take away and complete, then email back to me or
    2) a more fluid conversation via messenger or email. Your choice.


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